Ecommerce Analysis

Ecommerce Analysis That Counts

Ecommerce Analysis

Ecommerce analysis deals with traffic measurements, sales conversion, keyword conversion and site performance metrics. Knowing what the numbers mean and interpreting them within the framework of your online business is very important. Small reductions in pay per click advertising costs, an increase in sales or site traffic can add significantly to your bottom line. You need to know what ecommerce metrics to focus on and how to setup your e commerce analysis to benchmark your site performance. Here are some essential components of web site analysis:

Sales Analysis: You should have conversion code installed on all your sales pages to record which search terms your visitors used to produce the sale. This will allow you to refine your search engine and pay per click campaigns to target terms that correspond to customer buying behavior. Google analytics has the capacity to measure these statistics. You can learn more about installing and using the features of this package by doing an online search for the Google analytics website.

Ecommerce Analysis

Keyword Analysis: This applies at the organic and pay per click level. By knowing where your traffic is coming from you can refine your advertising options to increase your exposure to traffic that is relevant and decrease exposure to lazy traffic that does not convert. This allows a company to reduce pay per click bids and to focus search engine optimization on terms that bring highly targeted traffic that converts.

Traffic Analysis: E commerce analysis can indicate where the majority of your traffic is coming form. If you have targeted advertising on portal or partner sites, you can determine the suitability of the target market and adjust your campaigns accordingly. This applies across all search engine disciplines and can indicate areas that need attention and potential hidden areas for further refinement or research.

Content Analysis: A trend that reveals higher page views within your site can indicate potential audience interest that is ripe for further content or product creation. You internet analysis statistics will indicate how long visitors stayed on a web page. Pages that do not attract much interest may be topics that do not interest your target market or that require further advertising effort to bring them to the forefront of visitor attention.

Geographic Analysis: A high percentage of purchasers from a geographic area provides a good indication of where your target market resides. You can then seek advertising partners that have a high exposure to this area and create banner or traffic campaigns to divert relevant traffic to your site.

The above aspects of e commerce analysis should be considered by any online business that is looking to increase its bottom line.

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