Ecommerce Hosting

What You Need To Know About Ecommerce Hosting

Ecommerce Hosting

Ecommerce hosting is an important part of ecommerce strategy. In a high percentage of cases, companies leave the choice of ecommerce hosting to the web development company to select. This is perfectly acceptable so long as the hosting costs are not over inflated and represent fair market price. Web companies often take this approach because they have intimate knowledge of the server architecture, have established relationships with the host provider and can make modifications to a client's site with greater ease and at a reduced cost. If the client selects the ecommerce hosting solution, the anticipated upfront cost saving may be absorbed by the extra time it takes the web developer to institute changes on the unfamiliar architecture.

Here are some guidelines to consider when selecting ecommerce web hosting:

Ecommerce Hosting

Ecommerce website hosting security: One of the primary concerns of customers who buy goods and services online is the security risks of providing their credit card details. With the reported cases of online fraud, there is still a reluctance of some people to participate in online commerce. If you are doing business on the web it is important that your site reside on high grade architecture with adequate firewall protection. This insulates your site form outside malicious attacks on databases that contain valuable credit card information. You should also consider subscribing to the 'hacker safe' service which is an independent testing service that checks the integrity of your site on a daily basis. Current market research indicates that organizations that introduce the 'hacker safe' logo experience an increase in sales.

Ecommerce website hosting redundancy: A redundancy setup is very important for maintaining maximum exposure on the web. If you have a high velocity of traffic and your web server goes down you can lose money from the loss of transactions attributed to down time. By having a web redundancy setup, you are more likely to avoid this problem because if one web server goes down the automatic redirect sends traffic to the mirror server. This is an important consideration for high volume transaction businesses. Not all companies provide this setup and the additional cost involved in finding an ecommerce hosting solution that can provide this functionality can be money well spent.

Web hosting for ecommerce cost: The cost of the hosting will depend on the platform, functionality and whether you are using shared or dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is simply a sub domain allocated on the server for your site. Other companies also have the same setup and multiple sites on the same server reduce overall operating costs. This cost saving is passed on to the client as a cheaper hosting solution. In some cases where the site has basic functionality requirements and a low volume of traffic, shared hosting is fine. Sites that are likely to require high bandwidth for video streaming or to cater to a high velocity of traffic may require a dedicated server. Dedicated web hosting for ecommerce is where the server is structured and setup to contain only your site. This is a high end hosting solution for companies that have more specialized hosting needs.

A practical ecommerce hosting solution should weight the importance of these factors and select the provider who best suits your needs and budget.

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