Ecommerce Project

The Importance Of Planning Ecommerce Projects

Ecommerce Project

Ecommerce projects require a project management framework to scope and bound project requirements and to serve as a guideline for stakeholders and the development team. With a high percentage of ecommerce projects subject to adjustment, cost overruns and budgetary blowouts are a common consequence of failing to adequately plan. If you about to undertake an ecommerce project, here are some guidelines to follow:

Develop a Robust Plan: Most projects start out with loosely defined functionality. This can create problems for the development stage. Programmers are required to interpret specifications and to code them accordingly. If you haven�t carefully thought out the exact project specifications and articulated them accordingly, you need to do so before commencing the project build. When developers create the database, they establish dependent relationships. If, at a later stage, you decide to modify the project structure extensively, this can create a series of cascading problems for the development team. The first and foremost consideration is to spend time planning your ecommerce project before commencing development.

Ecommerce Project

Select Experienced And Reputable Personnel: To execute an ecommerce project plan you need to have suitably qualified personnel. It is important to check the experience and credentials of potential candidates and web development companies before employing their services. The cheapest option is not always the best. If the company does not follow a project methodology then you can run into quality control problems that consume time and money. The past development of projects should provide a guideline as to whether the company can handle the project requirements. Securing the services of experienced personnel can help guide the project seamlessly.

Perform Extensive Platform, Usability and Stress Testing: Ecommerce projects need to be tested across browsers, platforms and subjected to extensive functional checks. This is to ensure that the project is commercially robust, user friendly and meets the project requirements. If you have integrated payment gateways, this means testing for security measures to insulate the site form potential outside attacks. The developer or web company should have extensive protocols for performing these checks. When qualifying potential candidates to build the internet project, you can ask about this stage to establish the quality control standards followed by the candidate.

The above guidelines should help provide an overview for ecommerce project management. Internet projects follow a similar process to that of the software development life cycle. You can learn more about this process by doing a web search on this.

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