Ecommerce Trends

Ecommerce Trends And Its Business Implications

Ecommerce Trends

Ecommerce trends are emerging as online growth continues in response to more people accessing the internet and transacting in goods and services. This is particularly evident with broadband access levels rising sharply in industrialized countries. The growth in streaming audio and video is a prime example of how technology helps move a market towards critical mass. Multimedia technology has been available for years but its primary use has been for offline standalone presentations. The bandwidth requirements and file sizes associated with streaming media did not gain popular appeal until broadband access levels on a worldwide basis replaced 56K transference to make streaming media viable. This internet trend is set to continue as integrated video and audio is now becoming a commonly accepted internet practice.

The increase in world wide internet viewers has resulted in a rapid acceleration in advertising revenue. This ecommerce trend is set to continue. As more businesses discover the benefits of doing business online, and less industrialized countries build the necessary infrastructure to access the space, internet advertising will continue to grow. When will this hit critical mass? Not for quite some time. With countries such as Russia, China and Africa supporting large population bases, the rollout of infrastructure takes time and is significantly underdeveloped in comparison to western counterparts.

Ecommerce Trends

New technology also contributes to ecommerce trends by reshaping the business landscape. This applies to industries where disruptive technology provides efficiency and cost savings. Globalization is also a natural consequence of eliminating the tyranny of distance. This particularly so in financial markets were online trading systems are replacing open outcry and trading pits. As more brokers offer access to worldwide markets, internet usage trends for online stock transactions are set to continue.

Money being allocated for the development of internet security systems is to facilitate the growing volume of online transactions and to counteract fraud. As more organizations shift to doing business online, this trend in ecommerce will continue. Banking systems, government transactions and retail storefronts get constant attention from hackers with malicious intent. The security initiatives are a natural response to counteract this and to increase consumer confidence in online banking and credit card processing systems.

Ecommere trends are also driven by new product developments. This in turn drives internet advertising trends and ancillary product development. When Apple released the Iphone and Sony released the Playstation 3, new accessories and compatible products begin to emerge as a natural consequence of this new demand. This will continue as social networking gets embraced by consumers and companies and drives sociological trends and change.

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